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Jump Cues & Break Cues




From the studio of Joseph Picone the, "Picone White Diamond" tip is one of the real secrets for a top performing jump cue or break cue. Picone White Diamond tips are a multi-layered tip. Made from a specially selected fiber, they go through an 11 step process before becoming a finished tip. Each tip is inspected before packaging to the insure you the highest quality.



Available in 13, 13 1/2, 14 & 15 millimeter



What is the difference in the "Picone White Diamond tip"?

* The "Picone White Diamond tip" is not a phenolic tip. Phenolic resins are hard and brittle and although they do make the ball jump as well as break hard, can be difficult to glue and very prone to miscues.

* The "Picone White Diamond tip" reduces miss-cues, to a minimum. Takes and holds chalk very well.

* It allows you to put english on the cue ball. You can jump with english, stop the cue ball, even drawing it back.

* When used for the break or jump-cue, gone is the glass breaking sound and fear of miscue.

* Tips can be glued on with most common Super-Gels or epoxies, and are much less prone to popping off.

* They are easily installed even with standard cue repair tools, you do not need a lathe. It is best to use a tip close to the size of the shaft for easier installation. If you have no experience with tip installation though, it is still best left to the professional .

* They shape and scuff easily with sand paper and are extra thick and long lasting.

* No need to change your ferrule and because the tip is layered, it will not chip, fracture or split as is common with tip-ferrule combos made from common phenolic rod.

* The Picone White Diamond tip is not harmful to balls or equipment

$10.95 per tip. suggester retail price


Dealer inquires welcome