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Frequently Asked Questions


"Why do I need a jump cue? I jump pretty good now with my own full-length cue?"
In all honesty, yes. In answer to your second question, you would hope to never have to use it. When you have to jump a ball it means you are in some kind of trouble. But the truth is a jumpshot can get you out of a spot at times that could be done no other way. Whether you chose my cue, or another jump cue, if you want to play winning pool you must own a jump cue.

"Why do I need a jump cue? I jump pretty good now with my own full-length cue?"

It's true you "can" jump with a full length cue. The problem is, you can only jump at certain distances from the object and the cueball must be hit so hard it will many times bounce off the table. A jump cue lets you jump closer, with more control, and with a softer stroke.

"How easy will it be to learn to jump balls?"

Jumping the ball is an acquired skill and it will take some practice. But with basic cue skills any player can learn the jumpshot.

"Are some tables easier to jump on then others?"

Not so much the table as the cloth. With the Picone jump cue you will be able to jump on any cloth, just some will be easier then others.

"I guess when I get good with my jump cue, I won't have to worry about kicking anymore."

Put that idea out of your mind right now. You will kick far more times then you will jump. The jump cue is just another tool and should be used only when necessary. Once you learn to jump, you may be tempted to jump too often, where as a kick shot may be the correct shot.

" When I need a new tip, is it really that important that I use such a hard tip? You say your Jump cue comes with a very hard tip."

Yes. A very hard tip is necessary to get the full benefits out of my jump cue.

"I once saw a guy jump a ball from one inch away, will I be able to do that with the

The one inch jumpshot is very difficult to do with any jump cue, but it can be done. It is usually done using only the shaft, but this would be illegal by todays B.C.A. rules. I don't know that I have ever seen anyone jump a ball in competition from one inch away. It is for the most part an exhibition shot.

"Do you accept custom orders? Suppose I want something special, can you build it?"

I do, but I would have to approve the design. I would not do anything that may compromise the cues ability to jump. It would add to the cost and the delivery time would be determined at the time of the order.

"I don't see a wrap on any of the cues. Could I get a wrap by special order?"

Your right, none of the cues come with a wrap. A wrap doesn't seem to add anything to the cues ability to jump, and in some ways may hinder it. So I am sorry but the answer is no, not even by special order.




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